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Welcome Message

Welcome to the Official Website of the Rurikovich Dynasty

By our Tradition and for our People

Dear Guest: As Head of Government and Head of the Dynasty Rurikovich in the world, I salute and I want to give my special appreciation to everyone for the interest in our home and family.

We all Have Roots and Stories in Our Surname; to mantain a Great Tradition of Family and To safeguard the Heritage that we inherited from our ancestors Bequeathed as Historical Inheritance.

Nothing means if they were modest or illustrious, workers or countrymen, soldiers or nobles. They gave us the life and it is our obligation to find them and to know them; To return to know the places where they lived, his professions or labors, the actions that distinguished them. It is not enough to gain money and to seek for the economic wellfare, we must also give value to the name and tradition of family, to protect these values with care and love, because they are not improvised neither the name nor the tradition which are the result of centuries of a blameless life and represents a wealth that must be intact delivered to the offsprings, as our ancestors left us.

We are convinced that happiness resides in loving and be loved. With my best regards I welcome you to know our big family and its history.

I personally invite you to join this site, where you will find all our history and our family activity, which goes back many centuries ago, that our ancestors have wrought the one that unites us in the present and in the past.

Besides, I am pleased to be part of your journey through our website and I hope you find all the information you need about The Imperial and Royal Family of Rurikovich.


His Royal and Imperial Highness 
Hugo Norberto Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich
Chief of Government


His Royal and Imperial Highness 
Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovich
Chief Grand Cancellor of the House
Name and Arms
Chief in Comand in the Royal and Imperial Guard


His Royal and Imperial Highness 
Jorge A. S. Cabrera Rurikovich 
Grand Prince and Grand Duke
Guardian Protector of Rurik & Rurikovich Dynasty