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The House of Rurik

Once upon a Great Surname which became characteristic of our Augusta Family. Upon the Principality of Kiev, his birth and origin, which adopted the name of the Grand Prince of Kievan Rus, the wealthiest family in history and tradition.


Once upon a land dotted with ancient varegiana culture living in a territory that was constantly threatened by others with major kingdoms, principalities and powers for years until the arrival of the Varangian Princes.

Once upon at last, after all, one of the richest and biggest people in the world when his government and economy status grew, in which the reigning family held a great power after the acquisition of princely territory.

The Great Princes of Rurikovich were gaining territory and forming new principalities and spreading their noble blood across all Europe and Great Royal Houses in those days.

A History Almost of a Tale:

This small territory, where our Great Princely Family was born, lived tough adventures, until become it firmly, to achieve full independence, after the siege of other kingdoms and principalities, within his domains, on an independent kingdom and was declared a Sovereign and Autonomous State. It was as far back as the year 861, the Grand Prince Rurik became the first prince of the familiar history to set foot on this earth, henceforth, would be a major r principality and they had their control over Kievan Rus and, later on, Muscovy .

Once appointed, and marked on maps as a great principality, with Kiev as its capital, it grew economically thanks in part to the stability achieved by his sovereign, and by the personal style marked by his successors. Today we follow the path marked by Our predecessors, the historical legacy of which we are custodians of a tradition that we can not stop announcing.

Nowadays, with the rank of His Royal and Imperial Highness The Grand Prince and Grand Duke Hugo Norberto Cabrera Rurikovich, Head of Name and Arms of the dynasty, taking since 2006 the administration of the Princely House.

Since then I took the reins and the Headquarters of the Royal and Imperial Sovereign House of Rurikovich, Grand Princely and Grand Ducal. I have cleaned up and skillfully guided the important family heritage, a legacy that I left my parents and grandparents.


For My Forebears, in honor to all those great princes who honored Our Noble Dynasty and Noble Blood:

Civil borned as Hugo Norberto Cabrera Rurikovich, Prince Rurikovich, being in turn of a branch of the descents of the direct Capetian Dynasty: Capeto Branch - Borgoña of Castilla whose branch and offspring comes from the Grand Princess Anne of Kiev - Rurikovich – who was Queen of France married to The King Henry I of France between 1024 and 1032 to 1075, known as Anna of Russia (or Agnes in France), and from there through her and from the varied genealogical branch of descents coming to Raymondo de Borgoña, son of Conde Palatino Guillermo I de Borgoña and moved from France to the Kingdoms of Castilla y Leon, which then becomes the offspring of Cabrera.

Raimundo de Borgoña married in 1087 the Infanta Urraca, daughter of Alfonso VI, who after the death of his brother Sancho, was named heir to the Kingdom of Castilla and the Kingdom of Leon and this is the offspring of Cabrera in Spain.

Descendant of The Prince Felipe Infante of Castilla - Duke of Cabrera and Ribera (b. 1292) whose parents were the King Sancho IV of Castilla y Leon and of Mother María Alfonsa de Molina, descendant of the Lords of Molina. As a conscious Prince who would inherit a great responsibility, I took the relief that me my forbears, parents and grandparents transmitted.

But it is not anything unexpected. As The Inheritor Prince was well aware, since some time, that this was my destiny and for it I have prepared myself intensely. In fact, in the last times I was coming, with certain assiduity, to the meetings, tense in many cases, that some of my dear cousins and peers had with the Grand Council of him or his government.

Also, by law, Inheritor of Distinctions and Mercedes as Head of the Princely Royal Dynasty of Rurik.

Descendant of the Lords of Molina. As Prince consents to inherit a great responsibility I took over I passed my ancestors, parents and grandparents. But it is not improvised. As Crown Prince was well aware, for some time, that this was my destiny and I have prepared for it intensely. In fact, in recent times came, quite often, the meetings, often tense, that some of my dear cousins and peers had with the Grand Council of his or her Government

For My Ancestors, in Honur to All Those Great Princes who honoured Our Noble Dynasty and Noble Blood:

On October, 24th shall be and is a very special day for this House and also for my life of Gran Prince and my family. A challenge to share with my little princes, my sons and with The Members of the Royal Family and the Great Princess Lady Mother of the Princes of the house, Doña Mary.

In fact, as Grand Prince I received a great responsibility, possibly, the only princely house of the world in which a Juridical Chief costs absolutely nothing to their members, nor receive any sort of contributions. The economy of the house is sustained by means of their own companies and is not considered to be one of the world's biggest in the world by fortune and administration, so it is based only on what is currently being conducted by financially, many properties and a large and prestigious private collection.

The Great Rurikovich’s Princes of The Dynasty Cabrera Rurikovich we have mantained The Headquarters of The Imperial and Royal House for long time, but we do not play any political role and we do not act as an active candidate for a throne, a Kingdom or a Principality, although it is depository known of a historic tradition respecting which is respected a lot.

Nowadays we reside in Russia, Denmark and Spain, where we are known as citizens of the same land and we act in good for everyone and we are working in our House and Family, Noble institutions and entities; in this way we perpetuate on our people to a Great Descent.