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Genealogy - Family Tree


Once upon a great surname became Augusta Our own Family. Upon the Principality of Kiev, his birth and origin, which adopted the name of the Grand Prince of Kievan Rus, the wealthiest family in history and tradition.

People who successors to us , have left a legacy; many of us have inherited from them their character, way of being, physical features, etc.. For this and much more that we know them and value them, teaching their life stories and experiences to our posterity, but the most important thing is that they remain alive in our hearts, uniting us with various Royal and Imperial Houses in the world.

The search is not easy, but the rewards are invaluable, as well as for ourselves than for future generations.


Rurik Genealogy

Rurik Genealogy - Bizantine Line

House Barcelona - Dynasty Bellonida

Lineage Andrade (or Andrada).

Lineage Bobadilla

Lineage Cabrera

Lineage Cabrera Cont

Lineage Castro

Lineage Enríquez

Lineage Lara

Lineage Moscoso

Lineage Osorio (u Ossorio)

Lineage Osorio de Moscoso

Lineage Prado

Lineage Quadreny (o Quadrech)

Lineage Sarmiento

Lineage Sotomayor

Lineage Ulloa

Lineage Velasco or Belasco or Fernández de Velasco

Lineage Zúñiga or Estúñiga or Stúñiga

Les Origines de la Russie, jusqu’en 882 - Origines de la Russie