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  • National Day of Russia 2017 – Prince Jorge Rurikovich

    National Day of Russia 2017 – Prince J

  • 2017 Humanitarian Campaign by Sovereign Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich

    2017 Humanitarian Campaign by Sovereign

  • Humanitarian Christmas Campaign

    Humanitarian Christmas Campaign

National Day of Russia 2017 – Prince Jorge Rurikovich

National Day of Russia 2017 – Prince Jorge Rurikovich

On Behalf of June 12, 2017, The Russian Government in Spain, leaded by H.E. Russian Ambassador Yuri P. Korchagin , cordially invited The Grand Prince Jorge...


2017 Humanitarian Campaign by Sovereign Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich

2017 Humanitarian Campaign by Sovereign Royal Imperial House of Rurikovich

The Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich arranged a real Christm...


Humanitarian Christmas Campaign

Humanitarian Christmas Campaign

The Sovereign Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich (Soberana Casa Real e Imperial de Rurikovich), under its Royal and Imperial F...



The last Friday 23rd of October, The Grand Prince and Grand Duke Jorge Rurikovich received the Gold star award from The Institute of Professional Excellence at the Iconic Westin Palace Hotel, Madrid Spain.


The Institute for Professional Excellency is an institution whose major role is to acknowledge and attest the excellence dedication of companies and professionals for both national and international in its division.


Their mission is to assume the impressive work of companies and professionals that have the aptitude to establish and further enhance social and economic development. To distinguish these individuals, institutions or companies that help to enhance their competitiveness, research and development and profitability always under the principle of “excellence”, the Institute for Professional Excellence has created the award “Gold Star” and “Star Bright ” so as to remunerate their work, endeavor and professionalism of those chosen to give confidence, persuade, be eligible and attest them in their persistent development, intensification and improvement in their profession.
Yearly, the Institute for Professional Excellence organizes the distribution of the Gold Star to the best professional and companies in Spain.

Amongst the doctors, business angels and professionals awardees at the same day featured:

H.R. & I.H. Prince Jorge Rurikovich of The Rurik Dynasty

Mohamed Dekkak, founder and chairman of Adgeco and President of CARLAC (Council of The Arab World with Latin America and Caribbean).

Paloma Barrientos, Journalist

Belen Anguas, TV and Film director highlighting the last movie of the famous Spanish Celebrity actress Lina Morgan.

Jose Luis Barceló, Director of El Mundo Financiero.

The Gold Star agrees to successful people and corporations the prospect to exercise in accordance with precise regulations, the symbol of the Gold Star in all publications, communications and media, presenting an acknowledgement of their accomplishments. This is a significant certificate or credential in the career of an individual and a seal that considers professionalism, principles, ethics and outcome in the company.


Between members and directors who have a close collaboration with the IEP they are:

Father Angel Garcia, founder of "Messengers of Peace", Hon. Mr. Francisco Lopez de Becerra, Duke of Maqueda, Hon. Mgfco. Mr. Ángel Galindo García, Rector of the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Hon. Dr. José Luis Cidón Madrigal, National Prize of Medicine, Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Hon. Mr. Luis del Olmo, Doctor Honoris Causa by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, Dr. Don Leandro Square bushel, President of the Spanish Heart Foundation, Ms. Doña Nieves Herrero, Bachelor of Law and Sciences Communication, Hon. Dr. Enrique A. Garcia Melon, University Professor, Doctor in Marine Sciences and Civil Marina, Degree in Nautical Studies and Maritime Transport, Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Hon. and Hon. Mr. Antonio Gabriel Perez Mateu, Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Valencia, Diploma in Healthcare Management from the University Alfonso X El Sabio, Hon. Mr. Santiago de Santiago, Spanish sculptor, Ms. Dona Rosa Villacastín, BA in Communication Sciences, Member of the Academy of Sciences and Television Arts, Hon. Mr. Antonio Montiel Bachelor of Fine Arts, Hon. Mr. Antonio Galvan Porras, senator of the Kingdom of Spain, HE. Mr. Elio Berhanyer, Designer, Gold Medal Award Fine Arts and the Hon. Prof. D. Luis Mariano Robles Velasco, Professor Dr. Roman Law at the University of Granada and Vice President of the Club of the Constitution.

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