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Condolences to The Attorney General of Spain Jose Manuel Maza

On behalf of Rurikovich Dynasty Members, we pledge our condolences to the terrible loss of The Attorney General of Spain, Jose Manuel Maza.

Jose Manuel Maza received the last Christmas one important member of the Imperial family, Prince Jorge Rurikovich, in representation of Prince Hugo, Prince Hans, Princess Maryia, Duke Alex and all the family members. The house through Jorge Rurikovich had also the opportunity to have a good discussion along with The Minister of Justice of Spain Rafael Catala Polo, Daniel Gonzalves Mas and other AJA members.


Rurikovich Dynasty members would kindly like to send to Jose Manuel Maza the personal and professional appreciation by his advices and guidance.prince-jorge-rurikovich-minister-justice-rafael-catala-polo-attorney-jose-manuel-maza-lawyer-daniel-gonzalves-mas